Annual Calendar of Events


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3rd   Saturday 10 am - 6 pm 

Silent Guided Retreat  

4th -18th  Sunday - Sunday   

Thanksgiving Food Drive

10th   Saturday  2 pm - 8 pm  Meditation   

(Come and go on the hour.)

18th   Sunday  12 pm  Friendship Tea

22nd   Thursday 
CHAPEL CLOSED           Happy Thanksgiving

25th  Sunday   
CANCELLED Vegetarian Potluck  

30th     Friday   6 pm   Chapel Decorating for Christmas and Pizza Dinner


1st  Saturday  5 pm - 9 pm  

Christmas Social

8th  Saturday  2 pm - 8 pm Meditation 
(Come and go on the hour.)

9th   Sunday 12:15 pm - 2:30 pm  Rehearsal, and Caroling at a Local Nursing Home

15th  Saturday   10 am - 6 pm 

All Day Christmas Meditation

25th Tuesday, CHAPEL CLOSED

Merry Christmas  

30th   Sunday
CANCELLED  Vegetarian Potluck  

31st   Monday  11:30 pm - 12:15 am  

New Year’s Eve Meditation 

1st       Tuesday     

Happy  New Year’s

5th      Saturday      7:30 pm        Paramahansa Yogananda’s Birthday Commemoration

12th    Saturday     10 am - 6 pm  Paramahansa Yogananda’s Birthday Meditation

27th   Sunday    12:15 pm       

Vegetarian Potluck 

2nd     Saturday      9:30 am - 1:30 pm   Beautification Day  (Cleaning/Gardening/Pizza)

9th      Saturday   10 am - 6 pm  

Silent Retreat.

(Replaces the 6 hour meditation.)

14th - 17th  Thursday - Sunday               Monastic Visit

Center Department Program 

24th     Sunday     

Vegetarian Potluck

7th      Thursday   7:30 pm         

Paramahansa Yogananda’s  Mahasamadhi 

9th      Saturday      7:30 pm        

Sri Yukteswar’s Mahasamadhi 

(Replaces the meditation.)

10th     Sunday 12:00 pm

General meeting

Elections Nominating Committee

22nd - 24th  Friday - Sunday 

5:30 pm - 2 pm     

Silent  Devotee-led Retreat in Tampa. FL

31st    Sunday     12:15 pm       

Vegetarian Potluck 

13th   Saturday   2 pm -  8 pm   Meditation (Come and go on the hour.) 

19th     Friday      12 pm - 3 pm  Good Friday Meditation

21st    Sunday      5:30 am - 7 am        Easter Sunrise Service,

Ft. Lauderdale Beach, TBA

21st    Sunday     12:15 pm       

Easter Potluck Brunch

28th   Sunday     12:00 pm      

Annual Elections  

CANCELLED Vegetarian Potluck

10th      Friday       7:30 pm        

Sri Yukteswar’s  Birthday Commemoration

11th     Saturday      2 pm - 8 pm    Meditation (Come and go on the hour.) 

26th   Sunday     12:15 pm       

Vegetarian Potluck

8th       Saturday      2 pm - 8 pm    Meditation (Come and go on the hour.)

30th   Sunday     12:15 pm       

Vegetarian Potluck